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My name is Susan Rolley and welcome to my blog.

Named “Haverford Road,” the blog celebrates  Modern, Tailored and Timeless Design for everyday living. I am a mom, a designer, the girlfriend of a great guy and the owner of Maddy, my ever-so-sweet standard poodle!

Passionate About Design and Decor

As a home interior design consultant, my work and passion is creating beautiful, functional interior solutions for my clients.  I am a true believer that our physical environments and the space around us impact both how we view the world and how we function in our daily lives. Our homes are our sanctuaries; they should inspire us, comfort us and be livable and inviting for family and friends.

Born to Design

My love of design started at an early age and was fostered over the years by education, profession and, I am convinced, genetics! My grandmother was an extremely talented women, not only a fabulous homemaker, but also a gifted milliner and seamstress.

My mother, aunts, cousins and sister are all talented women in their own rights and creativity was and is always in motion in my family. My mother and her sisters, better known as the Church Girls (my mom’s maiden name)  grew up in Rochester, NY on Haverford Road.  Their childhood home is a place that holds fond memories in our family  and  is the  inspiration for the title of my blog.

It was my grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins and sister and all the women in my life who have inspired and motivated me to be doing what I do today. I have always had an appreciation for great design, whether in fashion, interior design, architecture or art….I love it all!

Creating Homes That Transform How We Live

What I love most about being an interior design consultant is helping people create homes that inspire and transform how they live.

At the end of the day, this is what it is all about for me. I believe I’ve been given a gift that I can share with others – the ability to visualize the potential of and create spaces that my clients love.

Last year I was in Rochester on business and had an opportunity to drive by my mom’s house on Haverford Road. It just so happened to be her 89th birthday that day and I was able to share the snapshot of her house with her.

House on Haverford Rd.

House on Haverford Rd.

Haverford Road  is a nod to my past and the venue to share inspiration in the world of interiors not yet created.

I will be filling this “home” on Haverford Road with all sorts of design tidbits and decorating tips. With articles about modern interior design, room design ideas and suggestions for furniture, color choices, room embellishments and more, I hope everyone can find some ideas and inspiration for their home or office within my blog.

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