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Refresh – Restyle – Reorganize! 7 Decorating Tips for Creating an Inspiring Home Office

Home office seating_SCR Interiors

Do you work from home because you own your own business?  Or perhaps you telecommute for a company and clock in remotely?  Increasingly, people are choosing to work from home and they’re discovering the benefits of a commute that consists

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Bathroom Beauties – 6 Decorating Tips to Get the Look You Want

As an interior design consultant, I love designing and creating beautiful bathrooms. With so many fabulous options for bathroom materials, fixtures and finishes on the market today, it’s a great time to remodel that outdated bathroom. Whether your project is a

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6 Kitchen Design Tips: Planning the Heart & Hub of our Homes

I love creating beautiful, functional interiors and I especially love the impact that great kitchen design can have on how people live. A well-designed kitchen can truly transform our day-to-day living. Kitchens are the heart and hub of our homes

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Welcome to SCR INTERIORS Design Blog

Hi! My name is Susan Rolley and welcome to my blog. Named “Haverford Road,” the blog celebrates  Modern, Tailored and Timeless Design for everyday living. I am a mom, a designer, the girlfriend of a great guy and the owner

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