Refresh – Restyle – Reorganize! 7 Decorating Tips for Creating an Inspiring Home Office

Do you work from home because you own your own business?  Or perhaps you telecommute for a company and clock in remotely?  Increasingly, people are choosing to work from home and they’re discovering the benefits of a commute that consists of shuffling in slippers from the bedroom to the home office.

It’s All About an Inspiring Work Environment

To really pull off working from home, however, it is essential that your room design be inspiring and designed in a way that encourages productivity.  I have a great deal of experience when it comes to the world of work spaces.  My background for over 25 years was in commercial furnishings.  I was a design consultant, working to help clients design office spaces that fostered collaboration and productivity while leveraging the physical space to achieve business goals.  When creating interior design of a home office, you want to think about how to fashion an environment that allows you to stay focused, do your best work….and have fun along the way!



Here are my 7 decorating tips to help you create an inspiring and functional home office:

  1. Organization Matters – The environments in which we live and work have a significant impact on how we function in our daily lives.  Whether the room is big or small, it is important to create a room design that is quiet, orderly and organized.  Think about it: when a space looks beautiful and orderly, you feel rested and are better able to concentrate.  And when your mind and your heart are focused in one place, naturally you will have better outcomes at work.


  1. Furniture Plan – Think about the various types of tasks you do throughout the day.  Do you type on a keyboard, participate in conference calls, host client meetings or work on physical projects away from your computer?  When planning the interior design of an office, it’s best to start with creating a furniture plan that supports the type of work you do most.  Your furniture plan might include a primary desk area for your computer, a secondary area for reviewing reading materials and a third area for working on special projects that require more space.

Home Office Design

  1. Health & Wellness  – It is incredibly important to think about your health and wellness while you are working.  Did you know that sitting is the new smoking?  According to the American Medical Association (AMA), sitting for long periods is bad for your health; they recommend office alternatives such as standing desks.  Incorporating adjustable desking solutions into your room design is a great idea when your job requires you to be at the computer for long periods of time.  I just love this compact office space with the sit-stand, height-adjustable table from Steelcase.  The treadmill, called Walkstation, keeps you moving when you are on those long conference calls!

Ergonomic Home Office

  1. Seating – The most important investment you can make when furnishing your office is a GREAT quality, ergonomic desk chair.  I cannot say it enough…. if you can only buy one piece, buy a good desk chair. Take a look at a few of my favorites.  The chair below is Setu from Herman Miller and the image above shows the Steelcase Leap chair.

Home Office Seating

  1. Storage – When planning and designing your home office, you should consider how much and what type of storage you need.  In my humble opinion, one can never have enough storage! There’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to storage space.  Think about whether your file storage needs to be for letter or legal files. Do you want your printer inside a cabinet or on top of the work surface?  How much space do you need for reading material?  Planning ahead is key and will help you maximize the amount of storage space that you are able to include in the room design.

Home Office Storage

  1. Color The color on the walls can play a role in your mood, productivity and job performance. And how you feel affects how you think and behave during the course of your day.  Choosing the right color scheme can impact your productivity and the success of your work and business.  I happen to love this neutral color palette with tones of driftwood grey and creamy latte to keep a home office calm and serene.

  1. Make it Personal – Now for the fun part!  You want your office to be warm, inviting and a space in your home that will inspire you to do your best work.  Choosing a color palette you love, an area rug to create warmth and beautiful desk accessories will bring your room together.  Adding these finishing touches will get the look you want – and the kind of office you’ll want to be in!

SCR INTERIORS Home Office Project

Do you need help designing and decorating your home office?

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